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GameMaker Studio Pricing Revealed

Posted On 3/10/2012
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The cost of GameMaker Studio has been revealed in an article in Develop.

The basic GameMaker Studio program will cost $99 and will enable created games to be exported for Windows and Mac.

Exporters for additional supported platforms, at launch iOS, Android, HTML5 and Nokia’s Symbian, will cost an additional $200 each.

Those who have purchased GameMaker HTML5 will automatically receive access to GameMaker Studio with the Windows, Mac and HTML5 export options. As GameMaker HTML5 can currently be purchased for $99 this gives a potential saving of $200 over the cost of buying this level of GameMaker Studio package directly when it becomes available ($299 = $99 basic program + $200 for the HTML5 export).

With a $99 basic version I wonder whether we will see development of the standalone “GameMaker 8.1″ and Mac versions cease?

GameMaker Studio Pricing Revealed is taken from: GameMaker Blog

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