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Game Maker 8 Decompiler Released

Posted On 9/26/2010
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A Game Maker 8 decompiler has been released together with the decompiler’s source code, documentation on the Game Maker 8 executable file format and a list of issues with the way game data is stored.

The decompiler (original GMB post) is fully functional and converts executable files created in Game Maker 8 to a .gmk file.

An explanation given by the author as to the reasons behind the project is full of anti YoYo Games sentiment.  ”YoYoGames since they’ve been founded has done, nothing for GameMaker except mooch off of Mark, make a website and get more people to use it.”

The project is still active as the author states “I’m actually going to be using this information to fix the GM runner seeing as how YYG still neglects the Windows version”.

YoYo Games are expected to use a rewritten runner for Game Maker 9 using knowledge they have gained whilst working on runners for the PSP and iOS.  A Game Maker 7 executable decompiler, which also decompiles games made in GM5.3a, 6, 6.1 and instant play versions, was created by a different author and still functions.

Schreib’s Obfuscator is not compatible with Game Maker 8 but you can protect your games using an anti-decompiler tool by score_under.

Game Maker 8 Decompiler Released is taken from: GameMaker Blog

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